We Won Gold 🏆 in Nationals 🇮🇳

Our Solairaj Won Gold in Nationals
We collected 7.3 Lakhs from MOP Squad
Watch his video

And LOVE You all Our MOP SQUAD Who joined as volunteers totally 750+ volunteers for COR0NA


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    Our Solairaj Won Gold in Nationals We collected 7.3 Lakhs from MOP Squad Watch his video instatus.info/title/v-iy/ZWaXftmTfKfKrbs.html And LOVE You all Our MOP SQUAD Who joined as volunteers totally 750+ volunteers for COR0NA instatus.info/title/v-iy/oX3QeZ61gsuYk7s.html #MOPSQUAD #MOP

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    Anna yenakum some ration vangi kundunga na I am in bangalore

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    Mop brother mass

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    Enada channal support panuka anna

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    Yes Anna already I saw in news paper after see that i am really Soo happy for seeing that movement in news paper I am Soo happy

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    Anna me $2001❤️❤️❤️

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    Good work bro. Continue ur good work.

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    Super bro. He is very talented and determined I think he surely achieve more and thanks for your kind heart to help him

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    Superb bro Always MOP SQUAD 🔥

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    Extremely hpy bro😊😊congratulations 💥

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    Congratulations what about ur contribution tell us it makes subscribers take as a inspiration

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    Congrats but take care your parents

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    Congrats solai bro...keep rocking .we r there to support u anytime

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    Super super semma bro 😘😘😘 congrats anna wish u all success in ur life raji anna 😘😘❤️❤️

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    Congratulations solai Raj anna

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    bro ungakitta erunthu oru chinna help venum brother plz help me

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    Congratulations brother.. thanks you so much help all people

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    Vera level volgs

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    We Won Marra💓

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    வாழ்த்துக்கள் SOLAI RAJ bro✌️👌👍🤛👏

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    Congratulations God bless u

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    All very good news God blessings and all our blessings to you my son MOP. Too much in your mind take rest and relax sometime MARY from AUSTRALIA

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